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Real-time images-to-text extraction at enterprise grade

No More Typing
No More Complicated Form

How It Works

It Takes Seconds to Complete

Veiris Text matching is extremely fast and accurate, it takes less than 1 second to detect an object with various variables on surrounding area such as light condition, tilt, background colour and among many other variables while maintaining high quality output results.

  • Auto-capture

    Simply put document in camera area without the need of user pressing any button. Let our technology handle it for you.

  • Extract Informations

    Get results in less then 3 seconds, including Name, DoB, expiry date, hand signature, and others.

  • Use & Set Rules

    Use it in your sign up or checkout form with custom rules set by your enterprise.

Robust With Amazing Features

Data Stay In Device. Never Leaves
Veiris’ SDK processed image extraction locally in the device, without the need of passing image into our server. Improving readability, security, & processing time.
Tilt & Rotate Tolerance
Veiris computer vision technologies are highly advanced without the need of user to put their ID in 90° flat position. Our text extraction able to recognize and extract from tilt image up to 10° tilt tolerance.
Cross Platform
iOS, Android SDK, & Web API.
Integrate & use veiris with 1 hour of developer time.
Fully Automate & High Accuracy
Extraction process happens automatically without the need of human interference. Veiris’ text extraction is 98% accurate and working well in low light condition.
Better Together.
Stop Fraud at Early Time.
Combine Veiris Sign Me Up and Veiris Tiger Eye to stop fraudsters before they enter your system. Veiris Tiger Eye includes face scanning with thousands of face database. ID can change, but not face.
Real-time images-to-text extraction and analysis
Remote Verification as Accurate as Face to Face Verification

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Let a VEIRIS expert show you how easy it can be to integrate Veiris’ suite of verification solution to your website or mobile experience. Start by requesting more information and we’ll be in touch shortly.